About Us


With worldwide attention being paid to the issues of sustainability and overfishing, we are proud to introduce Sustainable Seas, a line of tuna sourced from fisheries around the globe which utilize sustainable pole and troll fishing methods. Our fish are caught one at a time, eliminating the bycatch of turtles, seabirds and fish other than tuna. This technique also preserves the marine environment and aids in the repopulation of endangered species. The fisheries from which our tuna are sourced are considered BEST CHOICE for Sustainability, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch® program as well as the Blue Ocean Institute.

Sustainable Seas tuna offers the delicious flavor of traditional water-packed tuna with the added benefits of Omega 3 content and is naturally lower in mercury, due to the smaller fish canned for the Sustainable Seas brand. At a lower retail price, we offer tuna that you can trust to provide an abundance of essential nutrients while being good for the planet.